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Obviously, a lot of the focus of the episode surrounded the unrest in Meereen, although we did get a quiet moment between Ser Barristan and Dany when he told her a story about Rhaegar Targaryan. The rest of the episode hopped locations without mercy. In Dorne, the Sand Snakes and their mother plotted to take down the already-weakened Lannisters just as Jaime and Bronn came ashore. Poor Tommen had his own share of relationship troubles, getting caught between his conniving mother and equally opportunistic wife. Of course, the biggest moment occurred toward the end of the episode, when the unsullied were forced to take on a slew of Sons of the Harpy in closed quarters.

Grey Worm was left wounded, and in a tragic moment, Ser Barristan was stabbed and killed. The Meereen-centric episode finally allowed Dany to step out of Ser Barristan's shadow and into the light as a ruler. Dany made some impulsive decisions and later some calculated ones as she took on the heads of the households that were responsible for the Sons of the Harpy killings. Yes, there were dragons , but then there was also an unexpected marriage order from Daenerys to Hizdahr zo Loraq.

While Dany was busy coming into her own, Tyrion and Jorah continued to travel near her, running unexpectedly into some rabid men suffering from grayscale along the way. If you think the dragons are terrifying, the grayscale is even more frightening, as it turns sane men into monsters. In the North, Sansa found Theon and learned more about Ramsay's particular temperament, while Jon Snow made some more enemies.

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As a leader, Jon decided to ask the Wildlings to bend the knee and take over the land in direct proximity to the Wall. It was an intriguing episode, and if you'd like to learn more, you can check out our full reaction. What Happened During Episode 6? In King's Landing, Cersei is playing with fire as she tries to take on the Tyrells. I don't know about you, but it seems to be an ill-advised path.

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Elsewhere, others are making bids for power; in the North the Boltens are about to have a big fight with Stannis Baratheon, and Littlefinger seems determined to be there to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, Sansa is caught in the middle and she agrees to marry Ramsay Bolten, only to have her new husband force Theon to watch as they have sex. We don't get anything from Dany this week, but Jaime and Bronn are nearly successful at grabbing Myrcella. They manage to keep her from the Sand Snakes , but then everyone gets caught. Poor Tyrion and Jorah aren't doing so hot, either, as they get picked up by pirates partway through the episode.

Most excitingly, however, Arya proves she can be an asset in the House of Black and White and is moving onto a pretty incredible path. Elsewhere, Myrcella fought for her right to stay in Dorne and Sansa tried to make a bold escape from Winterfell, with unintended consequences. Most startlingly, the High Sparrow continued his bid for power.

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Following shackling the Tyrells, he had cousin Lancel confess his sins with Cersei. The queen mother was thrown in jail as well, making threats as the Sparrows closed the door on her. If you'd like to read our full, in-depth recap, head here.

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In "Hardhome," some characters came together while others were ripped apart. The first half of the episode dropped in on a filthy Cersei in King's Landing, saw Arya taking on a second personality as the oyster cart-lugging orphan Lana, and found Sansa trying to spin Reek's psychological profile back to Theon. As well, viewers got to watch just how successfully the dynamic between Tyrion and Dany is working, as he takes on the role of her advisor.

How do you kill something that only seems to get stronger with death? Without any trusty dragonglass, Jon Snow discovers that Valyrian steel does the trick. But it's clearly going to take more than that in the future. If you'd like to check out our full, in-depth Episode 8 reaction, head here. Game of Thrones hit the schedule on April 12, debuting alongside Veep and Silicon Valley during the network's classic Sunday night lineup. Season 5 is expected to deviate from the books in a bigger way as it moves forward, and we now know Game of Thrones will likely speed ahead of George R.

Martin's books in the seasons to come.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: The Ultimate Guide

Ten episodes will be produced for the new season, and you can catch new episodes on Sunday nights at 9 p. Here's the full trailer for the new season, which features some hints about what is still coming up. Not the simplest question when it comes to such a sprawling narrative. The best way to attack is probably by location so let's start in King's Landing and the shocking events of the season finale. With the help of Varys and Jaime, Tyrion made it onto a ship heading out of the capital with Varys?

Another two bite the dust. While Cersei won't be pleased with her family's actions, at least her son Tommen still sits atop the Iron Throne.

Oh, and the Martells are probably not too pleased that Oberyn got his head smashed during "The Mountain and the Viper. Off in the middle of Westeros, that's Casterly Rock to the Eyrie, Littlefinger has made some major moves and is pretty much Lord of the Vale now that Lysa Arryn is out of the moon door.

I mean, the picture. Only sickly Lord Robin and an increasingly cunning Sansa stand in Petyr's way. I don't think he has to worry about the boy but the eldest living Stark learned a lot from her time in the capital. Speaking of "The Children" and Starks, Arya almost crossed paths with her older sister before coming across Brienne and Pod instead, a meeting that would prove fatal for the Hound and send the 'she-wolf' off to a nearby ship headed to Braavos.

Game of Thrones’ finale betrayed the show’s core themes

Farther north, Jon managed to strike up a deal with Mance Rayder but not before "The Watchers on the Wall" and the wildling army had a few epic encounters. After his banking transactions in Braavos, Stannis and his crew, Davos, Melisandre and Shireen, ended up crashing the party at the Wall as well because the White Walkers are the most dangerous threat to the Kingdom. Of course, Bran is also doing his best to help in the North as his spiritual journey, with Hodor and Meera Reed still along for the ride, led him to one of the Children of the Forest.

It was the Children who, with the help of the First Men, fought back the Others in the first place. Finally, across the Narrow Sea, Dany continues to take up residence in Slaver's Bay, refusing to leave Meereen with the area still in turmoil. Oh, and Daario, her lover, is still around too. Plus: our first giant. A rather warm entry with heartwarming moments Shireen and romance Jon and Ygritte , as several folks discover bath time and take the plunge.

Also: smirk along with or at? To attend a royal wedding where no one dies, although Cersei does drop a death threat on a Tyrell in the Sept of Baelor. Bonus: Sam Tarly becomes Sam the Slayer. Scream, cry and say goodbye to some sadly unsuspecting Starks. Also try not to choke up when Bran wargs Hodor for the first time, or Rickon and Osha leave. The heartbreak! Almost no one is happy about it, and the thin-skinned tyrant is too interested in bizarre cruelties, casual misogyny and ego massages to actually govern.

For an examination of codes of conduct in times of war compare attitudes held by Stannis, Roose, Robb, Tyrion and Tywin.

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Extra fun: Shadow baby! In which we get the first major onscreen battle of the series, a song from Bronn, a rousing speech from Tyrion and some major snottiness from Joffrey. Bonus: Cersei tries to get Sansa drunk.

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Three blasts! Martin on the Real Iron Throne Livejournal. Especially from Episode 1. Pay close attention to Episode 1! Try not to choke up when you spot Hodor, or when Rickon runs up to Jon to hand him arrows. Also: baby direwolves. Extra fun: Tyrion goes to the top of the Wall and crosses something off his bucket list. Delves into the touchy question of succession and sets into play the War of the Five Kings. Also: Dany goes wine tasting. For the excellent opportunity it offers to scream at the screen.

game of thrones season 5 deals Game of thrones season 5 deals
game of thrones season 5 deals Game of thrones season 5 deals
game of thrones season 5 deals Game of thrones season 5 deals
game of thrones season 5 deals Game of thrones season 5 deals
game of thrones season 5 deals Game of thrones season 5 deals

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