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Home Delivery. Powerful cleaning formulas are first mixed with hot tap water. The Bissell PowerLifter is a barebones machine that will clean your carpet without being too heavy on your arms or pocketbook. At just 16 lbs, the PowerLifter was easy to push around even for petite testers who, by contrast, struggled to continually push the Bissell Big Green and Rug Doctors around even for a few minutes. We were pleasantly surprised to find that despite its size, the PowerLifter cleaned about as well as the more expensive Hoovers and Bissells although none came close to the Big Green.

To really put our contenders to the test, we bought the whitest carpet we could find Mohawk SmartStrand , made of synthetic triexta fibers and treated it horribly. We purposefully picked the gnarliest and most headache-inducing stains carpet owners referenced online, from viscous syrups to chunky sauces. In all, we dumped 20 cups of garden soil, two jars of marinara sauce, six bottles of nail polish, one bottle of chocolate syrup, two bottles of red wine, and 10 cups of coffee into the carpet. And we let it sit in a warm room for four days.

We did stop in once or twice to scrub the stains with water — a common first response in the aftermath of a stain — since this doesn't actually remove stains but tends to set them further. Though all of the contenders left the carpet whiter than before, most failed to get out the last few smudges of greasy marinara sauce and sticky chocolate syrup. A convincing advertisement for your local nail salon, but also a good reminder that some especially tough stains need professional attention.

The best carpet cleaner needs to be simple to operate. Some water tanks, like the Hoover Power Scrub, were a breeze to fill, while others were just plain awkward. Fortunately, we found setting up the Hoovers, Bissell Big Green, and Rug Doctors to be straightforward and spill-free. After cleaning the carpet, we also needed to clean the machines — much easier said than done.

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This is when the great vs. The worst models took way longer to clean off than they took to clean the carpet, while the best, such as the Hoover Power Scrub and Bissell PowerLifter, came with detachable parts for easy rinsing, or extra tools for cleaning difficult areas. For a deeper clean, vacuum your carpet before cleaning. Move the carpet cleaner slowly and deliberately. The slower you go, the more thorough the cleaning process will be.

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Vacuum off any remaining loose debris, and then run over it with a carpet cleaner as soon as possible. Rinse your carpet after cleaning to remove any traces of detergent, which can leave your carpet hard and sticky if it dries. Some machines auto-rinse while cleaning, but make sure to read your user manual carefully to see if you have to refill the clean water tank.

To keep your machine running properly, clean the brushes regularly. For higher-traffic areas, you may need to clean more often. Many carpet warranties require deep cleanings every months, but in some cases, using a carpet cleaner can actually void your carpet warranty. Be sure to read the fine print.

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Natural fibers, such as wool and silk, and especially thick fabrics think: shag rugs , should always be professionally cleaned. Synthetic fibers, such as nylon and triexta, can and should be cleaned regularly. Homeowners with children or pets may want to invest in a carpet cleaner.

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To ensure a longer life for your carpet cleaner, clean it after each use, especially focusing on the brushes and tanks, since dried-up gunk can form and become much more difficult to clean off later on. Last updated on August 21, All products and services mentioned on Reviews.

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